Our Work

We take pride in our work, and so do our students!

Our Work

The work and service that happens here at Creative Soul, is designed, planned and organised to connect with our sustainability model and vision. The money that is made through the work done by staff and students, goes straight back into the space and tribe, allowing us to grow, expand and evolve. We love to invest in learning materials, tools and equipment that benefit our students in their creative education, and the achievement of one student is the achievement of the entire camp!

Students Work

We base our studies on workplace learning as much as possible gaining them valuable skills to take out into the world of work with them. The courses the students are on, work towards Planning, Designing, Marketing, and Reflection going from and idea in their brains to a product and evaluating the success or weakness to their product, so our students gain valuable skills and the tribe gets a return on our investment. The students work will all be showcased at one of our festivals or events at which they have the opportunity to sell their product and complete the circle of creating and selling. We think this model really opens their eyes to how becoming a player in the business world will go.

Services/ Workshops

We will be offering out of hours training or classes on many of the courses we run with the students, Opening up the space to children and out of hours learners with little time in the days, These classes can range from Yoga and meditation right through to the creative side, for example, a class on Woodwork and pottery. So if you're in need of a new website for your business or want to just learn something new then the tribe will gladly play a role in your personal development.

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We welcome any interest in the space and community. If you’d like some more information, and if you’d like to get involved with Creative Soul, then please do get in touch.