Our Land

Natural. Beautiful. Peaceful. Free.

Our Land

We are an eco-friendly space, and we work hard to maintain our ethos of sustainability and community. Our land is a home for our tribe, and we expect everyone who engages with the land, to nurture it in their own way. Mother Nature is our greatest teacher, and we honour her lessons, seasons and natural beauty in any way that we can. Our land, buildings and work are all nurtured in a way that we feel is respectable to the environment and to nature.

The use of our land

Our land will be mostly used for activities, These range from Farming the land by growing fresh produce and keeping animals on the land from which we will have courses based around. Then also we will be running events and festivals, all of which will be evaluated against the damage to the land and the possible benefits and ways we can keep the impact low. This will all be regulated by our on-site staff and brought into the classroom when the students will learn about the maintenance and sustainability of running the events. Any natural resources on our land will be utilized in the lowest impact possible for example if there is a stream/ river course through our land we will utilize this with Hydro electricity further adding to the sustainability of our Tribe.

Maintaining Our land

Maintenance of the land will be regulated by the on Site groundskeeper who will also be our main tutor to the students, We like to source our tutors from the background of the course that they will be teaching on, ensuring we have the most suitable people for the job. As the groundskeeper maintains the land he will have the help from students who are studying that subject and will gain so much knowledge from it being a vocational. The way we learn is by doing and experiencing. Keeping the land as untouched and natural as possible finding sustainable ways of managing any event to occur while we are occupants of the land.

Get In Touch!

We welcome any interest in the space and community. If you’d like some more information, and if you’d like to get involved with Creative Soul, then please do get in touch.