Need a Break? We Got You Covered!

Our Accomodation

We are an eco-friendly space and all our buildings have been regulated to the sustainable-living guidelines, so you can feel reassured that your stay with us is not just comfortable, clean and nurturing, but also kind to the environment. Our space is nestled in amongst natural Welsh beauty, and we hope that you love our homeland as much as we do!

How Will we Build?

As there are strict guidelines around building sustainable eco-friendly buildings, We will be designing our building to match the Code for Sustainable Homes, ensuring a zero emission benchmark. To do this we will be using building materials either recycled from other projects or reclaimed wood from local forests and buying materials from suppliers with EMS(environmental management systems) in place. To construct an eco home we must focus on and reduce the environmental impact of both its construction and its ongoing operation. Both can be tackled at the design phase. More about our builds to follow as the Space undergoes its first phase construction.

How will we Power?

Just like the construction, the energy production will be just as eco-friendly by employing the use of renewables such as Solar power and Wind Turbines, and also the possibility of having a micro hydro system. We aim to have the college running solely off the renewable energy created onsite we know this could be a hard task, but we have the motivation and the drive to reach our goal. Any excess power could be fed back into the national grid where we could generate a small income from the Feed-in Tariffs scheme that was introduced in 2010.

Get In Touch!

We welcome any interest in the space and community. If you’d like some more information, and if you’d like to get involved with Creative Soul, then please do get in touch.